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Turning a dream into reality…

Art is my passion, and it has been from a very young age. I always dreamed about becoming an artist, all the while being fascinated with the development and progress of art in society through the years.  Today, Realism and "en plein air,” meaning painting outside like the impressionists of the 19th century, are making a comeback. Fortunately for me, this brings great joy!

I put a great deal of thought and heart and soul into my paintings, which is why I have an emotional connection to them.  I don't paint just anything.  Each subject captures my innermost feelings and memories, which I hope my clients not only sense, but that it also deeply resonates with them, too.

I earned my Art History degree from Baylor University in 1995.  I'll never forget sitting in a summer school class focused only on Michelangelo, being moved to tears by his sculpture, the Pieta, and the Sistine Chapel ceiling…I can't wait to actually see both in person.

While my dream was always to become an artist, honestly at the time I didn’t have the confidence. Through years of study and practice, gaining knowledge, and yes, courage, I am going after my dream.  I am lucky that I can paint every day now. My ultimate goal is to travel extensively, photographing and painting people in their everyday lives. I love to wonder what people are thinking by just studying their faces - it helps me to connect with them in a deeper, more authentic way.  The result, I hope, is that it translates onto the canvas in the most meaningful way.

Painting has been a hobby for most of my life, and I have my mother to thank for the initial inspiration.  A gifted artist, she paints “en plein air,” and we have been to several plein air conventions and workshops over the years in New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. Those experiences, coupled with my love for art, made me yearn for more, and I was determined to make my dream become a reality.

To that end, I enrolled in the Gemini School of Arts, a full-time atelier-style school, where I have been in classical training since the fall of 2017.  My primary teacher, Roger Barcilon, is an accomplished painter, illustrator, and concept artist from Spain who started the school many years ago in England.  I jovially say that I’m the “old lady” at the school, old enough to be most of the students’ mother, but I love every moment so much that I can’t wait to get up in the morning to go paint!

I am working daily on building and increasing my portfolio to share more of my work with new and seasoned collectors and galleries.  My work is available through this site and on display at the “Uniquely Salado Gallery” in Salado, Texas. I have original art, and I can make prints or giclee’s (prints on canvas).

Thank you for allowing me to share my passion for art with you!  Please call me if you have any inquiries and I always welcome feedback on my paintings.

Jennifer Zardavets

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